Where is Dire Bruce?

A new update, he is still active, but things are a bit mixed up and slow, but several new items for listening.

First, the ‘lost’ first album from 1999-2001 era is partly found. You can listen here:


Additionally, several months ago several small EPs were released each with a different focus, pop, noise & cover songs.  You can find Covers of the covers of the…, Stop the Clocks, and the Noisy one on bandcamp:



2 Oldies: New Mummies + Dire Bruce

New updates for The New Mummies & Dire Bruce!


First, the New Mummies are back and playing live with their first show since moving to San Francisco (Hotel Utah March 12 @ 8pm).  In celebration of the Rise of The New Mummies, we’ve posted an oldie covering random stuff between 2001-2006:  The Vault Sessions EP. There are new unrecorded songs in the works that will be in the live shows, so check back later for more info.




Second, Dire Bruce sent us a 2-song single made way back in 2010 that never ended up getting put up earlier for some reason… Check out the Stars+Sounds single.