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Time to take a ride in the wayback machine folks! The time was 2001 and the kids were all into Space (aka Kosmiche) Rock.  Turns out The New Mummies took a time machine themselves and ended up in the early 70s and found Something ScaryListen and Download at bandcamp!

The New Mummies - Something Scary

The New Mummies - Something Scary


The Austin psych pop quartet Clinical Girls have a 2 track single featuring ‘I Believe in Ghosts’ and ‘Rock City.’ Listen and download at bandcamp.

Clinical Girls

The New Mummies recorded a new album K-l-a-n-g! full of pop tones and drones! Check out the review at Play One Note an Austin, TX based psych music blog. Listen and download K-l-a-n-g-! at bandcamp.

The New Mummies K-l-a-n-g-!